25 April 2009


Been working in the garden lately...no sewing. I just joined the sewing mamas congo, so I need to get busy sewing some things for that soon...

21 April 2009

Two dresses that are too big.

Same pattern for both of these. I forgot that the pattern I traced was too big for her, but it's OK. I'll just put them back for this fall.
First is my favorite bunny fabric with the pattern slightly modified. I think this is her 4th outfit with this fabric, so it's quite obvious that I love it!

The second one with no modifications. I really love this style of dress...too bad I keep making it too big for her to wear right now. This is now the 3rd dress I've had to put back for later. Better than being too small, so I can't really complain.

Raglans and stripes

I finally got around to sewing up some raglans for the twins. I just used some cheap camo knit that is rather faded, but I love the pattern and will definitely be making more of these for my boys.

My pretty girl. :)

I made her black shirt a long time ago, but the pants are new. She's growing like a weed and needed some longer pants to get her through the rest of our cooler weather.

12 April 2009

04 April 2009

Capri Set

This will be Lindsey's gardening outfit. I made many, many stupid mistakes while making this, so it's really only suitable to wear while getting dirty in the back yard. That, along with the fact that I made curtains and placemats for my kitchen/breakfast nook with this same fabric... Hey, I bought a bolt of each and need to use it up! I really do like the look of this outfit (I made her two similar sets last summer) and I'm sure I'll make her at least one more for this year.

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03 April 2009

Finally in the mood to sew again!

I have several things finished, but my precious little model is in bed. I did manage to take this "model" shot tonight before turning off her lights. I made my precious girl a big girl pillow case for her new big girl bed! Care Bears flannel...so soft and comfy and she adores it!

I'll have more pictures to share really soon...and I promise they'll be more exciting than a pillow case! Take care.