28 December 2011

A Little Late...

Fall pictures I took of little Miss.  I love how they turned out and love this outfit on her.

Christmas Clothes

 Skirt for Christmas Eve.

 Pajamas.  She wanted the Mario shirt for her and her brothers, so I cut and sewed hers to fit and made them all matching flannel pants.  They looked cute.

Bad picture of her Christmas skirt.  Red and white polka-dot corduroy.

21 December 2011

Birthday Outfit 2011

 For my sweet girl who loves pink, hearts and rainbows!

 Yummy rainbow cake!

02 November 2011

Corduroy Skirt

My favorite little girl in the whole world!

16 September 2011

More for Fall Wardrobe

 Modkid Penny top, circle skirt, Dortje pants.

04 September 2011

31 July 2011

A whole month of no sewing...

But, here she is wearing a dress I made her last year in her new magical corner of the garden that she's recently discovered.  Maybe I'll be more productive in August.  :)

07 June 2011

Stuffed Turtle

This is Strawberry Turtle.  She is very loved already. 
 I'm way out of my comfort zone sewing things like this, but it turned out cute.
 Made from this tutorial.

06 June 2011

Knot Shorts

 Little Miss picked out the fabric for her new shorts.  First time she's agreed to wear shorts, so this is a huge accomplishment!!!  They turned out really cute and I'm already picking out fabrics for the next pair (or two)!

Tutorial for shorts found here!

23 May 2011

Black, white and red all over.

First time I've gotten behind my machines in awhile.  :) 
Modkid Maya for the top, no pattern for the lovely Ikea fabric skirt.