26 December 2008

Until the new year...

I'm all sewn out... I finished nearly everything I wanted to sew for the holidays and now I think I'm going to give my machines a little break for the next few weeks. Here are a couple pics of the kiddos in their PJ's Christmas morning. Little Miss wouldn't cooperate for pics, but my boys are well trained...Santa hats and all.

Here is little Miss Lindsey on Christmas Eve in her Mama-made outfit.

Take care!!

13 December 2008

Christmas PJ's

I finished Lindsey's Christmas PJ's today. I LOVE how they turned out!! I still need to finish up the boys'. Matchy-matchy on Christmas morning for my kiddos!!

Yes, candy cane bribe to get her to sit still long enough for pictures!

11 December 2008

What I finished up today...

More flannel PJ's for my family. Only one more pair to go, for my hubby.

Frosty book. I love Frosty!

Fabric basket. Going to be filled with yummy things and be given as gifts (8 more to go).

08 December 2008

Snowflake Skirt Set

Here is one of Miss Lindsey's holiday outfits. Embroidered snowflake on tan t-shirt and denim skirt with gathers and ruffle. She wouldn't cooperate very well for pictures, but it does look really cute on her.

05 December 2008

Flannel PJ Pants & Sibling Love

PJ pants to match her pillow. I tried them on over her one piece pj's and she refused to let me take them off. I think that's a good sign that she loves her new pants. At least she'll be extra warm tonight.

Lindsey loving on her biggest bubba...both in their new pj pants. I finished up his pj pants today, too. I've only had the things ready for elastic for about a month or so. He likes them, but really anything made from fleece or flannel my boys like because it's "comfy."

03 December 2008

Pillow For My Precious!

Miss Lindsey has never had a pillow of her own until today. I bought one little yard of this flannel many weeks ago when it wasn't on sale because my little darling saw it and "made" me buy it. It's hard to say no when she's so excited to see a bolt of fabric with two of her favorite things...pink and hearts. If you heard her chanting, "Mama, pink, heart, pink, heart..." you'd give in, too! After I cut out a pair of pj pants, there was a little rectangle left over that I decided to make into a pillow for her bed. She loves her new "puh-woh." She even brought it with her when we went to pick up her oldest bubba from basketball practice. I think she may have a few more puh-wohs in her future! I should have her pj's that match finished up tomorrow, so that should make her very happy, too!

Not much sewing lately...

I haven't had a chance to sew much lately. But, I did have a chance to shop after Thanksgiving and get some much needed flannel!! Here are some pics of the 46 1/2 yards I bought. Most of it will be used for pj's or pillow cases.

Here are my 3 favorite flannel prints.

And, I did take an evening and cut, cut, cut! I cut out 11 pair of flannel and fleece pj pants. Four for Lindsey, two for each of the boys and one for me. Poor hubby didn't get his cut, yet. Now, time to get busy and sew them! All but one pair for Lindsey will be wrapped up and given to the kids for Christmas Eve presents. I will also make shirts for the red fleece pants for all four kiddos for their matching Christmas pj's.

My hand hurt after cutting all of these...
Take care!

19 November 2008

Panties for my Potty-Trainer

Yes, I make my daughter's panties. I get a lot of strange looks when people find out...along with the question, "Why?" But, I can use up all of my knit scraps making them which means they cost me almost nil and they fit so much better than the store bought ones she has...and I enjoy sewing! So, I don't mind the strange looks and answering the question, "Why?" The first pair I made back in August to try out the pattern (Ottobre 04/04). The next 4 I did today because my almost-two-year-old has decided she's ready to be a big girl (sniff, sniff).

18 November 2008

Little Corduroy Zippered Bag

Truth be known, this was supposed to be a wristlet, but I forgot to sew the strap on it. OOPS! This was part of my niece's birthday present and she seemed to like it.

17 November 2008

Just a cute picture of my darling Lindsey...

Lindsey outside during our first snow of the season. She thought the snow was great! This snow didn't last long, but we're looking forward to it snowing more this year...we love snow!

16 November 2008

King Cobra

I finally got the king cobra embroidered on this shirt. I've had the shirt done for quite a few weeks and it's just been sitting on the chair waiting for it's embroidery. Size 14 boys...looks so big compared to the little clothes I make Miss Lindsey. My oldest really likes it and has asked that I lay it out for him to wear to school tomorrow. I've also got "orders" for two more...yes, the twins have both requested king cobra shirts, too! I'm so glad they like what I sew for them!!!

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14 November 2008

Butterfly Zippered Wristlet

This has been on my "To Do" list for months and I finally got around to doing it!! I've made two of these for gifts for my nieces for Christmas. I think they turned out really cute and I can't wait to go get some more zippers so I can make up a few more!

12 November 2008

Fabric Baskets

Sweet, little fabric baskets!

Here are a couple of fabric baskets I've done this week. Pretty quick to do, but sewing the squares is a bit much for me...I'm not a quilter! I just don't have the patience to sew up the patchwork part, so I'm thinking about doing the next ones a bit different and avoid all those little squares. I'm planning on filling them with Christmas goodies and giving them as gifts!

06 November 2008

Hooray! I can cross a couple things off my list!

Well, I wanted to make some things this week from my "To Do List" below and I've actually accomplished it! Hooray for me!
Another cloth book for Miss Lindsey for Christmas. She loves books and this one is really sweet with all it's nursery rhymes.

Next is a purse! This is only the second purse I've made and I think it turned out well. I've got a few more purse patterns I'd like to try soon! This one is made in my two most favorite colors...green and brown. Perfect size for me to toss in my wallet, keys, phone and a couple of Lindsey's necessities.

Take care!

30 October 2008

Butterfly Zippered Pouch

This little zippered pouch has been on my "to do" list for awhile. I really enjoyed making this and can't wait to find the time to make some more. My boys have all requested one "in boy fabric" to hold all their little things. I hope to make some and fill with little surprises for Christmas gifts this year.

23 October 2008

Flaming Dragon!

I need to sew for my boys more often! I made this shirt for my oldest who needs a few more long-sleeved shirts and he absolutely loves it. He picked out the fabric colors and embroidery design, so that makes it even better in the eyes of an 11-year-old. Shirt fits perfectly and he'll be getting a few more of these soon...I've already got one more cut out and he's picked the embroidery design for it...a King Cobra!!

Flaming Dragon up close. I've used this design before for my boys and they really like it.

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ZZZZZ...PJ's for the boys.

The twins requested "fluffy and comfy" PJ bottoms. They picked the fleece. They fit a bit looser than I like, but they love them. Actually, they love them so much that they've been wearing them all day long and will sleep in them, too. I'm going to have to take them on an outing tomorrow or they'll probably wear them all day again. :)

Flannel PJ bottoms for my oldest. I love this print and the flannel is sooooo soft!

Not the most exciting sewing, but very needed since temperatures have been dropping lower and lower every night...brrrr...