03 December 2008

Pillow For My Precious!

Miss Lindsey has never had a pillow of her own until today. I bought one little yard of this flannel many weeks ago when it wasn't on sale because my little darling saw it and "made" me buy it. It's hard to say no when she's so excited to see a bolt of fabric with two of her favorite things...pink and hearts. If you heard her chanting, "Mama, pink, heart, pink, heart..." you'd give in, too! After I cut out a pair of pj pants, there was a little rectangle left over that I decided to make into a pillow for her bed. She loves her new "puh-woh." She even brought it with her when we went to pick up her oldest bubba from basketball practice. I think she may have a few more puh-wohs in her future! I should have her pj's that match finished up tomorrow, so that should make her very happy, too!

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