06 December 2013

Birthday decor

I can't believe my girl will be 7 in less than two weeks!  We've been busy making decorations for her party.  She wants it a snowflake theme since it's December.  

15 July 2013

Two Penny's for School!

Modkid Penny is still one of my favorite dress patterns for my sweet girl.

13 July 2013

1st for Back to School!

 Insa skirt, Ottobre 04/04 t-shirt with sleeve modification and knotted necklace.

12 July 2013


 My sweet baby girl...almost six years ago.
I'm trying to figure out what to sew with the rest of this London fabric that I have...

09 July 2013

Coming soon...

I am currently transforming these lovely fabrics...

30 June 2013


Dress made from an adult 2xl t-shirt.  She loves it!

21 June 2013

Outfit for Rainbow Dash

Little Miss designed an outfit for her new Rainbow Dash.  She drew her design first.
Then, she marked and cut her fabric.  I sewed it together, according to her instructions.
 Rainbow Dash's new cape, leg wraps and ear clip.  Doesn't she look darling? 
I love this little fashion designer!!!!!

18 June 2013

The "Creepy" Pants

That's what she calls these pants and refuses to wear them.  She hates the fabric and says it looks creepy.

23 May 2013

Still sewing for spring...

 Bubble dress

 Skirt, leggings and t-shirt


28 April 2013

Sewing her own wardrobe...

Little Miss wanted me to teach her to sew.  She sewed the first seam, got bored, and left the rest for me to finish.  It's a start.  Her seam was very straight and she was very precise.  A little seamstress in the making.  Makes my heart proud.

24 April 2013

Springtime in Paris 2

She's still in love with the Eiffel Tower.  I made her a similar outfit last spring and thought another one was in order for this year.