27 December 2009

Christmas sewing list completed, mostly.

Here are some of the things I sewed for Christmas gifts this year. The only thing on my list I didn't get around to making was the doll clothes. I did 2 tote bags, 4 pillows, 4 scarves, 4 pair of pj pants, 1 book, 1 apron, 2 shirts, 2 shopping bags and 1 chalkboard mat. I wanted to do a few more things, but I just ran out of time.

Did matching raglans for the twins.
Cowboy apron as a joke gift. It was well received with many laughs.
This tote bag turned out really cute. It was for my nephew and filled with crayons, coloring books and a chalkboard mat.
Scarf and pillow. :) Evidently perfect enough for a Christmas nap.
Matching flannes pj pants for the kiddos.

15 December 2009

Growth Spurt...

Little Miss was in desperate need of some pants that didn't look like capri's after her latest growth spurt. I used a new pattern for these pants and skirt. Will definitely use again. This time I got smart and made them with plenty of growing room. She helped pick out the fabrics.

Pants out of one of my most favorite fabrics and shirt that I made her a couple months ago.
Corduroy skirt paired with shirt and legging that I made her a couple months ago.
Black shirt and corduroy pants.
Corduroy pants and shirt that I made her a couple months ago.

I've been busy with many Christmas projects... Will hopefully finish most of them really soon.

03 December 2009

My Christmas Sewing To Do List 2009

1. Chalkboard mats
2. Aprons
3. Tote Bag
4. Shopping Bags
5. Cloth Books
6. Scarfs
7. Pillows
8. PJ's
9. Doll clothes

I think that's all...for now...

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Boring, but necessary sewing tonight. Flannel pj pants that aren't 4" too short like the ones she currently wears. :)