27 December 2009

Christmas sewing list completed, mostly.

Here are some of the things I sewed for Christmas gifts this year. The only thing on my list I didn't get around to making was the doll clothes. I did 2 tote bags, 4 pillows, 4 scarves, 4 pair of pj pants, 1 book, 1 apron, 2 shirts, 2 shopping bags and 1 chalkboard mat. I wanted to do a few more things, but I just ran out of time.

Did matching raglans for the twins.
Cowboy apron as a joke gift. It was well received with many laughs.
This tote bag turned out really cute. It was for my nephew and filled with crayons, coloring books and a chalkboard mat.
Scarf and pillow. :) Evidently perfect enough for a Christmas nap.
Matching flannes pj pants for the kiddos.

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