26 January 2011

More earlier sewing projects...

"Minnie" set, Olivia pinafore and dress, Ottobre leggings.
Ottobre pants. I loved these on her!
Anna wrap dress with above Ottobre pants.

Ruffle Skirt

Easiest skirt ever. I love buying pre-ruffled fabric. :) I bought a few yards of this to play with, but I wanted to whip up a quick skirt first to see how it sews up. I think it's a bit long, but she loves it. A layer or two may be cut off when the weather warms up. I think I may try a pair of pants with this fabric next.

Such a good little model posing for me in the snow and cold. :)

07 January 2011

05 January 2011

Rainbow Hearts!

Farbenmix Laura pattern. I like the way it sewed up, but I need to make the head opening a bit wider as it is difficult to get on and off as it is now. Rainbow skirt that she's wanted me to make her for a long time. She loves the outfit! She had a few too many distractions to pose well for me, I may try to get some better pics to share the next time she wears it.
She did her own hair. :)

02 January 2011

Birthday Dress

The dress little Miss chose to wear on her birthday. Luckily she was happy to choose one she already had since her wardrobe is quite stuffed at the moment. :)

My little chicken dancer. :) :) :)

Chirstmas 2010 Nightgown

She requested princesses and castles on her pj's this year. :)