18 November 2010

Still feeling a bit nostalgic...

More of my first outfits for Lindsey...

Farbenmix Olivia and Ottobre leggings.

Dress and bonnet.

Farbenmix Olivia.
Farbenmix Anna wrap dress. I need to get this pattern out again soon!

Anna wrap dress.
Ottobre pants.

More of my early creations for Lindsey

Dress # 2 and matching bonnet.
My first sewing with knits. Farbenmix Olivia and matching leggings.
Another bonnet with matching Ottobre pants, my first Ottobre pattern. :)

Another one of my early knit dresses, with matching headband.

Lindsey's first mama-made dress

It had been years since I had sewn clothing or used a pattern, but I wanted to sew a dress for my baby girl. It turned out huge!!! I was so disappointed, but that didn't stop me from trying again, and again, and again...
Here she is over a year later when the dress actually fit her. Five minutes after taking this picture, we went inside and she took a pair of scissors and cut a big hole in the front of the dress... :(

I started sewing for my daughter because 1. I had a hard time finding dresses that I liked and 2. I got tired of going places and seeing other kids with the exact same outfit my daughter was wearing, or had at home in her closet. I love, love, love creating outfits for her to wear and she loves helping me pick out the fabric and patterns for her new outfits!

16 November 2010

Some Gift Sewing (nothing too exciting)

Scarf. I've made several pretty ones of these for gifts. I need to get pictures of some of the other ones.
Crayon rolls...before they were filled. I think my count of these things is up to 60 over the past few months...wow!
Wipe bag and changing pad for baby shower gift.

13 November 2010

Many dresses...

My very uncooperative model who refused to smile, change her shoes or brush her hair... That's OK, I still love her. :)

Huge leaf!

Eleven of my recent dresses.

29 October 2010

Halloween 2010

Lindsey: Princess of the Butterfly Fairies

14 October 2010


I am totally in love with this precious face.

12 October 2010

Brown Twirly Skirt

Playing in leaves...wearing fall colors...having lots of fun!!!

03 October 2010

Brown/Pink Butterflies Knot Dress

This adorable little knot dress soon to be in my etsy shop. :)