27 January 2009

No sewing, just baking...

I haven't been in the mood to sew much lately. But, I have been in the mood to bake! I've been making many goodies for my family and Lindsey is usually sitting on the counter watching me. The other day I let her lick the cookie dough off my mixer for the first time and she loved it! I think she liked that better than the cookies! I'm thinking I may need to make my little helper an apron soon...and maybe a chef hat!

I may get back to sewing some time in the near future... Take care!!

23 January 2009

Cloth Shopping Bags

I've been wanting to make me some of these for quite some time, so I finally made myself do it this week. I made seven bags and they're big enough to fit 3 boxes of cereal and a few other items. I've already had family members request that I make them a few, too!

Lindsey decorated this one with her hand prints...my favorite!!!
Take care!

Dora Wristlet

Dora wristlet for my little Lindsey. She loves this and carries it full of her snacks and toys whenever we leave the house.

15 January 2009

Home Decor

We're finally remodeling some rooms in our house. So, I decided to get started on the sewing part of it. I made curtains and placemats for my breakfast nook (and curtains for my kitchen, but no pic of those). Now we've got to paint and purchase some new chairs for the table and a few other small things. I absolutely love these green/brown color combos. All fabric is Robert Kaufman.

Four placemats. I decided to do some patchwork to practice for a quilt I plan on making for Lindsey's bed. Judging by the time it took me to make these placemats, a quilt is going to take forever!! Right now I'm thinking large squares for the quilt...

I need some fresh fruit for my dish.

Curtains! Stripes in greens, browns and white with a green with brown dot valance. I also made a matching valance for my kitchen window.
Now I need to get a picture to go on the empty wall. I'm looking for a picture with a green pear...any suggestions?

And, while I was in the mood for patchwork, I decided to make a checker board to match the decor. I've still got to get some checkers for it...I'm thinking wooden and painted brown and white.
Next on my list is to sew some coasters and patchwork pillows for the adjoining room. Luckily I bought a bolt of each fabric, so I've got plenty to play with!!

Take care!

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10 January 2009

Fairy Princess PJ's

Little Miss is obsessed with anything "fairy" right now. I made this little set for her last week and she loves the fairies on her pants. The embroidery on her shirt reads, "Because I'm the Princess that's why." Such a perfect saying for our spoiled little princess!

Four Knit Play Dresses

This one came out a bit big and I'm not crazy about the style on her. I was going embroider it, but can't be bothered now that I don't really like the dress.

I really like this one. She loves her "L".

This one is my favorite of the bunch. This will be my little sweetie's Valentine dress.

This one turned out really cute, but it's a bit big.