31 March 2015

Baby Bedding

 He's only 11 months old already and I am just now getting his crib bedding finished.  :)

Maxi Skirt

For my little Miss.  Trying to figure out what kind of shirt to make to wear with it.

19 March 2015

"Fast and Free"

Clothes that were re-purposed into an outfit for the little man.  Shirt and sweatpants were in the donate pile of outgrown clothes of his big brothers'.  Extremely fast to make since I used the original hems.  Shirt is a little big, but sweats fit very well.  I may have to go through the boys' closets more often.  :)

Purple Polka Dots

Pink Olivia

Purple Penny

13 March 2015

Football Romper

 Tired baby modeling his new outfit.  I think he needs a nicer shirt to go under it.  Maybe I'll be able to sew one up during tomorrow's nap time.  :)

12 March 2015

Love. Hearts. Paris.

New skirt and shirt for my girlie on this dark spring morning.

Camo Baby!

 Finally finished the top for these pants.

09 March 2015


I sewed this months ago, but it turned out larger than I expected.  It fits him really well now and looks super cute on him! 

Pirate Monkey Shirt

Fleece sleeper #3