28 September 2009

An outfit that's going to need some shoes...

Nearly 3 years old and my little Miss has never owned an actual pair of tennis shoes (running shoes, sneakers, trainers...). Well, it looks like we're going to have to go buy her some soon since her "gardening shoes," as she calls them, look absolutely silly with this set. I squeezed this two-piece set out of one yard of sweatshirt fleece. Next time I'll get 1 1/3 yards since this turned out a bit tighter than I had hoped. For some reason I thought this fabric would stretch a bit, but it doesn't. Little Miss loves it, so that's all that matters. :)

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23 September 2009

♥Polka-Dot Love♥

One more outfit finished!

Until next time...

20 September 2009


"Pose for Mama."

Yes, I admit it, I LOVE owl fabric. The pants are from a Japanese pattern book. The pattern was for cropped pants, but I lengthened them and they fit her wonderfully. Shirt is my favorite Ottobre t-shirt pattern that I've made a few dozen times...literally. Several pics since my little model was in a good mood...posing for mama, jumping for leaves and playing hide-and-seek at our favorite little spot to take photos. Enjoy!

Just because she's so cute!

♥♥♥My precious fairy♥♥♥

Two more...

Two more outfits for Lindsey finished. Many more half-finished and cut out...stilll. I'm hoping to get many more outfits completed this week... *crosses fingers*
Olivia dress, sans hood, and same pants I made to match her owl shirt. She likes this one with the birdies on the fabric.
Cord pants and long-sleeved t-shirt.

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01 September 2009