30 October 2008

Butterfly Zippered Pouch

This little zippered pouch has been on my "to do" list for awhile. I really enjoyed making this and can't wait to find the time to make some more. My boys have all requested one "in boy fabric" to hold all their little things. I hope to make some and fill with little surprises for Christmas gifts this year.

23 October 2008

Flaming Dragon!

I need to sew for my boys more often! I made this shirt for my oldest who needs a few more long-sleeved shirts and he absolutely loves it. He picked out the fabric colors and embroidery design, so that makes it even better in the eyes of an 11-year-old. Shirt fits perfectly and he'll be getting a few more of these soon...I've already got one more cut out and he's picked the embroidery design for it...a King Cobra!!

Flaming Dragon up close. I've used this design before for my boys and they really like it.

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ZZZZZ...PJ's for the boys.

The twins requested "fluffy and comfy" PJ bottoms. They picked the fleece. They fit a bit looser than I like, but they love them. Actually, they love them so much that they've been wearing them all day long and will sleep in them, too. I'm going to have to take them on an outing tomorrow or they'll probably wear them all day again. :)

Flannel PJ bottoms for my oldest. I love this print and the flannel is sooooo soft!

Not the most exciting sewing, but very needed since temperatures have been dropping lower and lower every night...brrrr...

16 October 2008

Towels for Breast Cancer

Yes, I said I wasn't going to be embroidering kitchen towels for a long time, but these are for a wonderful cause. 100% of the proceeds from the auction of these three towels will be donated to breast cancer research. Many more breast cancer research auctions this week at Weeping Willows, so come and bid for a good cause!

In honor of Margaret and Betty, two wonderful and strong women.

15 October 2008

Beauty Pant Set and Corduroy Jumper

Navy corduroy pants with kanji embroidery. Just a simple ringer t-shirt to match, but I really love the flower print on this knit. I made her a pair of pants last year from this knit fabric and have been looking at it sitting on the shelf for many months, so I finally decided to sew something else from it. I really love how this set turned out.

I've been looking for a simple jumper pattern for her for some time and I think I may have found it (Ottobre 03/04). I've had this almost finished for at least a month and finally got around to putting button holes and buttons on it yesterday. It's made out of wonderful stretch corduroy that I love so much! She was really hamming it up for the camera...or maybe just laughing at Daddy playing peek-a-boo behind me.

13 October 2008

Retro Bunny Pant Set

Finished this outfit! I made the shirt awhile ago, but just got around to making some pants for her to wear with it. The pants are red corduroy and I embroidered a little bunny on the bottom of one leg. The print on the shirt has little white bunnies, but they're a bit hard to see in these pictures. I do wish I would have made the pants a bigger size because they are just long enough for her.

I love how the bunny is peeking out from between her arms in this pic!

09 October 2008

Finished, finished, finished!!!

I finished the last 20 towels for my order. I'm not going to be embroidering towels again for quite awhile!! Here are some of the latest towels I did. Some I like, some I don't. I really don't like embroidering on plaid!!! But, they're not mine and the person who I did them for loves them all, so that's all that matters.

I love this Celtic angel!!! I will be using her again on some stuff for my dining room!

I like how this apple tree turned out, too.

I've finally got these towels done (they've been haunting me in my sleep), so now I can get sewing some things I enjoy...like clothes for Lindsey!!!

02 October 2008

And...four more embroidered towels...

I finished these up this morning. Two "Winter" houses and two snowman towels.

I've been using my embroidery machine like crazy lately! I think I've finally got it figured out and it's been running like a dream! I love my embroidery machine!!! Was well worth the $$$.