29 September 2008

Retro Bunnies Skirt Set

Love this bunny fabric...3rd time I've used it in an outfit for my little darling. The red corduroy skirt is one of my favorite skirts right now. I've got another skirt like this cut out and ready to sew. I love the way it fits her and the pictures don't really do it justice. Looks fantastic on her and my 8-year-old neice has already requested one in her size.

I think the little decorative pocket flaps with buttons add just enough detail.

This outfit will also be available at my Hyena Cart store on October 3rd!!!

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28 September 2008

More clothes...

Pink T-shirt with brown pixie embroidery. This color will match a few things she has, so I wanted to keep the embroidery simple.

Retro bunny cross-front shirt. One of my very favorite knit fabrics!! I'm thinking about making her some red corduroy pants to wear with this.

Owl pant set. I made the pants awhile ago, but just got around to making the matching shirt. I really like how this set looks together! She loves to point at the embroidery and say, "owl."

My favorite outfit!! I loved this butterfly fabric from the moment I saw it. The skirt has eyelet lace around the hem...I love eyelet! The butterfly embroidery is perfect for this skirt, at least I think it is! I'm loving this set...even if I'm not loving the pics of her wearing it. She wasn't cooperating, so the pics don't do the outfit justice. I'm going to try again to get some more pics of her wearing this later on...hopefully she'll cooperate next time!

26 September 2008

Paisley Skirt Set

I love this set!!! And, the fact that we had boots to match make it even more appealing! Truth be told, I've got 4 more outfits sewn and ready for pictures, but lately my little Miss won't cooperate as Mama's precious model. I just can't understand why a 21 month old won't stand still and pose for me (ha-ha!). Well, I may have discovered a secret weapon for getting her in the mood to pose...call in one of her beloved brothers to stand behind me and make her giggle. Worked like a charm...I must use my secret weapon more often!!

Skirt is corduroy and top is interlock knit that I embroidered and added the perfect touch with two buttons to the embroidery. I just wasn't loving this set until we put the buttons on it...they just seemed to finish the outfit for me. It's amazing what two little, decorative buttons can do!
This skirt set will be available in my New Online Store on October 3rd!!! Come visit Lindsey's Wardrobe at http://hyenacart.com/WeepingWillows
I'm very excited to venture out of Etsy and into this Hyenacart Congo! Come shop with us!!

22 September 2008

Eight more towels finished!

Here are four of the most recent embroidered towels I've made. Now only eight more towels left to embroider! I really love these Christmas designs and think they turned out really, really cute!
Gingerbread man and snowman angel designs.

15 September 2008

Picture of the Day!

Just a cute little picture of Little Miss sleeping in her pool toy. She's wearing pants that I sewed in the spring...they finally fit in length! I think this is the 3rd outfit in this turquoise cherry blossom fabric that I've made her and I've still got plenty more of this fabric. I love it!

Haven't had much time for sewing, but I'm hoping to get some done this week!

10 September 2008

A Little Japanese Pattern Sewing

Japanese pattern books could easily become and obsession for me. I have one book and I absolutely adore 90% of the patterns in it...even if I can't read a single word it says. The only problem with the book I have is that the sizes start a little bigger than Lindsey's current size. Luckily, this jumper can be easily modified to fit my little angel now. This is the second time I've made this jumper and I love everything about it! It's just a little bit different, but very traditional-looking and so, so, so cute!! We got a little carried away with pictures today...she was in a very good picture taking mood...which rarely comes lately, so enjoy all the extra pictures of my little darling!

09 September 2008

My very happy girl in her new jumper

Lindsey loves Mickey Mouse! I don't usually like to buy character fabric, but when Lindsey spotted Mickey in the store, there was no way we were leaving without him. She happily held the entire bolt of fabric on her lap, pointing and saying, "Mickey, Mickey." I only bought one yard and I was just going to make a little blanket and pillow case for her, but I decided that I really didn't want that fabric in her bedroom...not pink or girly enough! So, I just decided to whip up this little jumper for her. I think it looks rather cute on her and she absolutely loves her new Mickey dress!

06 September 2008

Comfy Lounge Wear for Little Lindsey

Fairytale pants and cream colored long-sleeved shirt. This flannel fairytale fabric was left over from a baby blanket I made...just enough for a pair of pants.
I just couldn't resist this bright flannel print when I noticed that it had owls! I love owl fabric! I paired it with a cream colored T-shirt I made and embroidered with a cute, little owl. I'm thinking about making another shirt with this embroidery, but in brighter colors to go with the pants better.
Another pair of adorable owl flannel pants with the same embroidered shirt as above.
Both pants paired with the shirt.
Close-up of the owl embroidery. I kind of wish I hadn't used such a bright color for the eyes. But, this shirt is just for lounging around the house, so it will do just fine.

Starting on Christmas...already!
My mother gave me this doll and cat fabric piece. She bought it years ago and never sewed it up. So, this will be one of Lindsey's Christmas gifts. Isn't Dolly and her kitty adorable?

Who can resist Rudolph? I love the old Christmas cartoons and had to get this cloth book fabric to make for Lindsey. She loves sleeping with a couple books, so I thought a fabric book would be the perfect thing for my little darling.

I think this may be Lindsey's gift from Mama and Daddy on Christmas Eve. Perfect gift to open right before bed, don't you think? Cuddly pillow doll, Christmas cloth book and snuggly outfit to sit around in and watch Christmas cartoons until bedtime.

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