26 September 2008

Paisley Skirt Set

I love this set!!! And, the fact that we had boots to match make it even more appealing! Truth be told, I've got 4 more outfits sewn and ready for pictures, but lately my little Miss won't cooperate as Mama's precious model. I just can't understand why a 21 month old won't stand still and pose for me (ha-ha!). Well, I may have discovered a secret weapon for getting her in the mood to pose...call in one of her beloved brothers to stand behind me and make her giggle. Worked like a charm...I must use my secret weapon more often!!

Skirt is corduroy and top is interlock knit that I embroidered and added the perfect touch with two buttons to the embroidery. I just wasn't loving this set until we put the buttons on it...they just seemed to finish the outfit for me. It's amazing what two little, decorative buttons can do!
This skirt set will be available in my New Online Store on October 3rd!!! Come visit Lindsey's Wardrobe at http://hyenacart.com/WeepingWillows
I'm very excited to venture out of Etsy and into this Hyenacart Congo! Come shop with us!!

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