06 September 2008

Comfy Lounge Wear for Little Lindsey

Fairytale pants and cream colored long-sleeved shirt. This flannel fairytale fabric was left over from a baby blanket I made...just enough for a pair of pants.
I just couldn't resist this bright flannel print when I noticed that it had owls! I love owl fabric! I paired it with a cream colored T-shirt I made and embroidered with a cute, little owl. I'm thinking about making another shirt with this embroidery, but in brighter colors to go with the pants better.
Another pair of adorable owl flannel pants with the same embroidered shirt as above.
Both pants paired with the shirt.
Close-up of the owl embroidery. I kind of wish I hadn't used such a bright color for the eyes. But, this shirt is just for lounging around the house, so it will do just fine.

Starting on Christmas...already!
My mother gave me this doll and cat fabric piece. She bought it years ago and never sewed it up. So, this will be one of Lindsey's Christmas gifts. Isn't Dolly and her kitty adorable?

Who can resist Rudolph? I love the old Christmas cartoons and had to get this cloth book fabric to make for Lindsey. She loves sleeping with a couple books, so I thought a fabric book would be the perfect thing for my little darling.

I think this may be Lindsey's gift from Mama and Daddy on Christmas Eve. Perfect gift to open right before bed, don't you think? Cuddly pillow doll, Christmas cloth book and snuggly outfit to sit around in and watch Christmas cartoons until bedtime.

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  1. Can I ask where you got the shirt pattern from? My little one could really use some long sleeve shirts, so I think it's time I learned to sew them.

  2. It's an Ottobre pattern. Issue 04/04. www.ottobredesign.com