29 August 2008

Embroidering for my boys

Finished embroidering some shirts for the boys as part of their back-to-school wardrobe. The twins got kanji and the big guy got a flaming dragon! They're quite into dragon and Asian themed embroidery designs. They seemed happy with their new shirts when they woke up this morning. I'll definitly be using the flaming dragon design again, but the kanji spirit design showed the exact same "flaws" in both, so I doubt I'll be using that one again.

Excuse the water spill on the one...messy little boy!

I love the look of this design!

I may get back to actually sewing some stuff next week. This week I've been giving my embroidery machine quite the workout! But, now I'm itching to get some half-finished outfits sewn for my little darling and my etsy shop.

Take care and have a great weekend!

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