29 August 2008

Embroidering for my boys

Finished embroidering some shirts for the boys as part of their back-to-school wardrobe. The twins got kanji and the big guy got a flaming dragon! They're quite into dragon and Asian themed embroidery designs. They seemed happy with their new shirts when they woke up this morning. I'll definitly be using the flaming dragon design again, but the kanji spirit design showed the exact same "flaws" in both, so I doubt I'll be using that one again.

Excuse the water spill on the one...messy little boy!

I love the look of this design!

I may get back to actually sewing some stuff next week. This week I've been giving my embroidery machine quite the workout! But, now I'm itching to get some half-finished outfits sewn for my little darling and my etsy shop.

Take care and have a great weekend!

28 August 2008

Rooster Embroidery

So, I was asked if I would embroider kitchen towels for a family member to sell. Easy enough, so I agreed. Well, I wasn't expecting the towels to be a dark plaid...not the easiest to find a design for that won't be lost. I have 24 of these towels, 12 green and 12 blue to embroider. Requested designs were roosters and Christmas themes. After looking through many designs I found a few that I thought would work well with the towels. First up were the 8 rooster towels. Finished them last night. Each one of these roosters take 40 minutes to stitch! So glad they're done...now on to the Christmas themed ones!

21 August 2008

Two more skirt sets finished!

Corduroy skirts with matching long sleeved T-shirts. I'm not sure if I'm going to embroider the T's or not...I'm still thinking about it... The little forest animals on this skirt are so cute!Don't the black socks just make the outfit? I think we need to go shopping for some brown ones! I love the little acorns on this skirt...so perfect for fall!

I love making her these knit T's! I can whip one or two up very quickly. I did these during her nap time!!

20 August 2008

The Boots...

I found these wonderful boots on clearance for $5. I couldn't pass them up since they would match many things in Lindsey's wardrobe. But, unfortunately Lindsey wasn't loving them. She refused to let me put them on her...screams, kicks, all that "precious" toddler-fit-throwing behavior. So, I decided to stop trying and put the boots on her dresser. A few days later I went to get her from her nap and found that she slept like this...

In her own time, she found the love for these boots! Yay!

To *celebrate* we put on a little outfit I made for her many weeks ago and did a mini photo shoot with The Boots!

Cheery Cherries!

I love this fabric! I've had it for many months and finally decided to sew up a little skirt for my darling. I've got a few more yards, so this won't be the only time she wears these precious cherries!

I've been going skirt crazy lately, so expect to see a few more soon!

14 August 2008

The start of Lindsey's fall wardrobe.

Jumper in wonderful "kleo" fabric.

"Birch blossom" peasant top and pindot pants.

"Kleo" peasant top and pink corduroy pants.

Puppies! Lindsey loves puppies and gets really excited when I put this outfit on her!

Tan interlock shirt and fabulous plaid pants with ruffle and eyelet.

Jumper from a Japanese pattern book.

Brown interlock cross-front shirt and leggings layered with a flowered skirt.

Same shirt as above and wonderful owl pants. I didn't make the hat, but I really want to learn how to!!

"Bird seed" jumper. A little oops on my part, the birds are upside down! I hate directional prints!

My little princess wearing her butterfly skirt and black cross-front interlock shirt. Can you tell I love that shirt pattern? It's actually the 5th one she's got, but two are for pajamas (aka Mama messed them up and are only suitable to wear to bed!)


This is a blog for all my sewing creations! I mostly sew clothes for my beautiful daughter, Lindsey. I tend to sew too many clothes for one little girl, so I also sell many of my things at http://www.lindseyswardrobe.etsy.com/. Sewing relaxes me and I love seeing my little darling dancing around in something I created for her!

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