27 January 2010

Lindsey has had these tights for over a year, but she never had anything really cute that they matched. So...I made her something. Brown interlock Olivia with butterfly embroidery. She was so excited when the butterfly was stitching out. She kept saying, "It's so beautiful!"

She's so sweet.

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Blue Pants & Ducky Shirt

Shirt was made many months ago, but she rarely wore it because she didn't have anything that matched it well. So, I made her some knit pants today...extra long so she should be able to wear them for awhile. See the doggy in the window? :)

15 January 2010

Science Project

My son had to invent something for his science project. He came up with plans for a locker organizer and I sewed it up for him. Chalkboard, picture slot, chalk, pens & pencils slots and a pocket for notebooks. He's pretty happy with the way it turned out...let's hope it gets him an "A."