25 June 2015

Orange Penny

Still her favorite dress pattern.  So comfy!

23 April 2015

Heart Tunic

Upcycled Jeans

Trying to get the fit right for upcycling some old jeans for the little man.  First try not so great, need to make some adjustments for the next pair.  :)

Red Pants

I made these pants from an old t-shirt that belonged to his big brother.  :)

31 March 2015

Baby Bedding

 He's only 11 months old already and I am just now getting his crib bedding finished.  :)

Maxi Skirt

For my little Miss.  Trying to figure out what kind of shirt to make to wear with it.

19 March 2015

"Fast and Free"

Clothes that were re-purposed into an outfit for the little man.  Shirt and sweatpants were in the donate pile of outgrown clothes of his big brothers'.  Extremely fast to make since I used the original hems.  Shirt is a little big, but sweats fit very well.  I may have to go through the boys' closets more often.  :)

Purple Polka Dots

Pink Olivia

Purple Penny

13 March 2015

Football Romper

 Tired baby modeling his new outfit.  I think he needs a nicer shirt to go under it.  Maybe I'll be able to sew one up during tomorrow's nap time.  :)

12 March 2015

Love. Hearts. Paris.

New skirt and shirt for my girlie on this dark spring morning.

Camo Baby!

 Finally finished the top for these pants.