14 August 2008

The start of Lindsey's fall wardrobe.

Jumper in wonderful "kleo" fabric.

"Birch blossom" peasant top and pindot pants.

"Kleo" peasant top and pink corduroy pants.

Puppies! Lindsey loves puppies and gets really excited when I put this outfit on her!

Tan interlock shirt and fabulous plaid pants with ruffle and eyelet.

Jumper from a Japanese pattern book.

Brown interlock cross-front shirt and leggings layered with a flowered skirt.

Same shirt as above and wonderful owl pants. I didn't make the hat, but I really want to learn how to!!

"Bird seed" jumper. A little oops on my part, the birds are upside down! I hate directional prints!

My little princess wearing her butterfly skirt and black cross-front interlock shirt. Can you tell I love that shirt pattern? It's actually the 5th one she's got, but two are for pajamas (aka Mama messed them up and are only suitable to wear to bed!)

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