10 January 2009

Four Knit Play Dresses

This one came out a bit big and I'm not crazy about the style on her. I was going embroider it, but can't be bothered now that I don't really like the dress.

I really like this one. She loves her "L".

This one is my favorite of the bunch. This will be my little sweetie's Valentine dress.

This one turned out really cute, but it's a bit big.


  1. I really like your "L" and hearts dresses. Did you use a pattern or make your own?

  2. First heart dress is a t-shirt pattern cut short and a rectangle gathered and sewn on the bottom of it. The "L" dress is the Farbenmix "Olivia" pattern modified without the hood. The second heart dress is a modified version the "Katrin" pattern by Mamu Design. The last dress is "Katrin," too. Hope that helps. Take care!