18 November 2010

Lindsey's first mama-made dress

It had been years since I had sewn clothing or used a pattern, but I wanted to sew a dress for my baby girl. It turned out huge!!! I was so disappointed, but that didn't stop me from trying again, and again, and again...
Here she is over a year later when the dress actually fit her. Five minutes after taking this picture, we went inside and she took a pair of scissors and cut a big hole in the front of the dress... :(

I started sewing for my daughter because 1. I had a hard time finding dresses that I liked and 2. I got tired of going places and seeing other kids with the exact same outfit my daughter was wearing, or had at home in her closet. I love, love, love creating outfits for her to wear and she loves helping me pick out the fabric and patterns for her new outfits!

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