28 April 2013

Sewing her own wardrobe...

Little Miss wanted me to teach her to sew.  She sewed the first seam, got bored, and left the rest for me to finish.  It's a start.  Her seam was very straight and she was very precise.  A little seamstress in the making.  Makes my heart proud.


  1. What a beautiful skirt.. and love the matching shoes..
    I think your little seamtress will be making lots of pretty things before long.

  2. Oh so sweet of your little seamstress. Even my daughter wants to sew and I am too scared a mom to let her deal with needle, somehow couldn't convince myself that she can handle it now, may be when she turns seven, lets see...

  3. She was on my lap and I controlled the foot pedal. I don't think she could have done it on her own. :)