03 December 2008

Not much sewing lately...

I haven't had a chance to sew much lately. But, I did have a chance to shop after Thanksgiving and get some much needed flannel!! Here are some pics of the 46 1/2 yards I bought. Most of it will be used for pj's or pillow cases.

Here are my 3 favorite flannel prints.

And, I did take an evening and cut, cut, cut! I cut out 11 pair of flannel and fleece pj pants. Four for Lindsey, two for each of the boys and one for me. Poor hubby didn't get his cut, yet. Now, time to get busy and sew them! All but one pair for Lindsey will be wrapped up and given to the kids for Christmas Eve presents. I will also make shirts for the red fleece pants for all four kiddos for their matching Christmas pj's.

My hand hurt after cutting all of these...
Take care!

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