11 February 2009

Spring Beginnings...

Yesterday I made Lindsey some outfits for spring.
Cream t-shirt with paisley flower embroidery and skirt.

Cross front t-shirt with butterfly embroidery in bottom corner and butterfly knit pants to match. I intended for the pants to be capris, but I cut them too long...I'll probably shorten them a few inches when the weather warms up more.

Lavender t-shirt with white bow embroidery. I made this for her to wear under a jumper (shown below) and I also plan on making her a skirt that coordinates with it, too.

Stretch corduroy jumper with lavender t-shirt.

The only decent modeling shot I could manage today...my 2-year-old isn't in the mood for pictures. Unfortunately the bow embroidery shows...I was hoping that I placed it low enough to be hidden. Oh well...
Hopefully I can get some better modeling shots soon...they really do look much better on her than they do laying on my cutting table.

I've got four dresses, one skirt and one capri set cut out that I'm hoping to get started on this weekend. After that, I'm thinking my little girl will have more than enough pretty little outfits for spring... Of course, that's not saying that Mommy will not sew more for her. ;) Take care!


  1. Adorable outfits. Where do you purchase the nice t-shirt knits?

  2. JoAnns. I love thier interlock knits and they're a very nice quality.