01 May 2009

Trial Shorts for the Boys

I made my boys a few pair of shorts last year. Their only complaint was that I didn't put pockets on them. So, I decided to try a new pattern with pockets...my first attempt. There is also a fake fly...again, my first attempt. Well, the pockets were a piece of cake and I'm really kicking myself for not attempting them sooner. The fake fly wouldn't have been hard if I would have read the instructions before I sewed it... I ended up doing it on the wrong side and tacking it on the wrong side...which makes the tacks useless. But, I'm pretty proud of my first attempt and will have many more chances to perfect my construction of these.

If you can see it, I double stitched the seams. I'm really loving the look of it.

I'm quite proud that everyone that I've shown them to has said that they look store-bought. Afterall, that is my ultimate goal when sewing for my pre-teen boys...

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