02 August 2010

Finally finished...only a few months after starting...

I traced and cut this pattern almost immediately after receiving it, but that was all. It sat and sat and I decided today that it needed to be sewn up if she was going to be able to wear it at all. Now that it's finished, I don't really care for it much and I doubt I'll make any more. Not sure why I don't like it much, I just don't.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Top. Not sure why you don't like it that much, looks very comfy. Simple chic.

    I can understand your situation of having cut the pattern and forgot about it. I had cut a dress for my DD about 2 months back for a b'day party, its been 3 parties since then and i also managed to sew 3 new dresses for her but still did not dug out the cut off dress....