11 March 2011

Dieting...the fabric kind...

I have decided to put myself on a "fabric diet". I have recently pulled fabric out of all the closets I shove it in so I can organize it. I have so much that I forgot about. I started looking at it and realized how long it will probably take me to actually use it all... No more fabric buying for me until I cut this amount of fabric in half (at least). I want all my fabric to fit in the wardrobe that held it a few years ago in it's entirety. I don't want to be a wasteful person and having this much fabric and barely using it just feels wasteful to me. I'm not in the mood to sew things to sell, I'm not even considering selling my precious fabric, so all that is left is to use it!!

As soon as this weather warms up I'll be able to take pictures of six new dresses I've made for my little Miss. Who knows, maybe I'll get in a sewing mood again and make too many things for her to wear and put some extras up for sale... :)

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